Crew for Events Auto Expo Staffing

NM MANPOWER is certainly the best in the delivery of dependable, passionate, self-assured and articulate Host, Hostesses and Promoters for different Auto Expo like company, Private, Social or Promotional Event.

We understand that our crew represents your complete, symbolizing and endorsing your complete, merchandise and services. One major part of our work is to select the best from the crowd of host, hostesses and promoters for you.

If you're taking into thought an incident host, hostess and promoters or a team of shost,hostesses and promoters for your Auto Expo, you would like to grasp that our host, hostesses and promoters are very talented, extremely consummate, befittingly trained in client service and whenever essential sales and promotions..

Looking for host, Hostesses and promoters for Auto Expo? You're at the right place! We're North India's No.1 Event Staffing Agency based out of Delhi NCR.


Services to be provide

  • Awards
  • Registration
  • Welcoming &Greeting .
  • Product demo
  • Waiters
  • Q&N